With all of the new network technologies popping up every day, it can get a little confusing trying to keep track of it all. That is why most businesses today need IT departments to help the company sort them out, however that can become costly

At Rave-Net Computers, we want to help you with your day to day networking needs. Our staff nurtures an understanding of the technology involved in networking, helping to clear up the confusion.

Information Technology has become an integral part of business in North America. Nearly every large or medium sized business and a growing number of small businesses make use of, or have need of some sort of network technology, whether it is for intra office communications, hosting a web site, or for mobile networking. It is becoming clear that networks are becoming more and more necessary for efficient business.

We are able to set up networks to enhance communication amongst you, your employees, and your clients. We are Novell Authorized Partners and have Certified Network Engineers on hand with over 20 years of networking experience. We install and support Novell Netware, Linux, Microsoft Windows, and other platforms, as well as providing DNS hosting and web design services, allowing your business to grow.

As computer technology advances and becomes easier to use, it makes its way into an increasing number of homes in North America every year. On top of this, many homes in North America now have multiple computers and a growing need for home networks for internet access sharing and other tasks.

We are Authorized resellers of Touch Computers which use Asus Motherboards, and come in an array of options. So whether you want a system to do work at home, The Ultimate Gaming Machine, or something to play solitaire on, we have a system that's right for you.

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